Clinique Wear Everywhere Nudes Palette

AAnother day, another review! Today I’ll be talking about the Clinique Wear Everywhere Nudes Palette ($36). I don’t wear eyeshadow very often out of sheer laziness but when I do I usually find myself reaching for this palette because even when I do mash some stuff onto my eyelids I’m still too lazy to actually match the colors to what I’m wearing. Luckily this palette has “wear everywhere” in the name so it fully supports me in this endeavor.

This palette comes from Clinique’s Wear Everywhere Neutrals collection. The blurb for the collection:

Versatile eye shadow palettes are perfect for day… amped up for night when you layer multiple shades for extra depth and dimension. Long-wearing shades are crease- and fade-resistant. Ophthalmologist tested, too.

The Wear Everywhere Nudes palette contains 8 pans of eyeshadow ranging from off-white to dark brown. Here they are on my arm, no primer or anything underneath so you can get a better idea of their color and pigmentation.


I tried to get it in both indirect and direct natural lighting because most of these are shimmery. I mostly failed but I’m putting both pictures here anyways. From top to bottom:

  • Alabaster – Off-white (shimmer)
  • Daybreak – Ivory (super shimmer)
  • Moroccan Brown – Bronze Brown (shimmer)
  • At Dusk – Coppery Orange (super shimmer)
  • Sahara Sun – Rose Gold (super shimmer)
  • Jute Brown – Dark Cool Brown (shimmer)
  • Seashell – Taupe (shimmer)
  • Chocolate Bark – Chocolate Brown (matte)

These eyeshadows live up to the claims of the website – they are extremely long-wearing and they don’t fade or crease at all during the entire day. They’re also super, super pigmented as evidenced by the swatches but they’re also very buildable. They’re not powdery and they don’t kick up very much dust when you’re loading some onto your brush but there is a minor amount of fallout when you actually go to put it on, so keep an eye on the rest of your face especially with the darker colors.

In conclusion I love this palette. Like, a lot. If you don’t already have a nude palette in your life get this one. $36 is a bit pricey but when you do the math it’s $4.50 per shadow aaand the pans are pretty big aaaaaaaaaaaand you get really good quality eyeshadow so it’s totally worth the price. You can buy it on the Clinique website here or the Sephora website here.


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