Shien Cosmetics Gold Viper


Hellooo friends as my first review on this blog I will be reviewing Shien Cosmetics’ lipstick in Gold Viper ($20).

Gold Viper is part of Shien Cosmetics’ Viper’s Dream collection. Shien Cosmetics is a small brand run by a Chinese lady named Shien Lee; her brand prides itself on being by an Asian person for the Asian makeup-wearing masses. So, of course, this was definitely something I could get behind.

Here is the website’s blurb for the color:

As luminous as the scales of a basilisk in the sun, Gold Viper is the signature shade of the Viper’s Dream collection. Whereas the shade appears as a dusky orange on pink lips, a sensual rose gold is deposited on darker skin tones. Its mercurial copper sheen is flecked with gold glitter, adding a magnetic sparkle to amorous lips.

Simply put Gold Viper is a copper-y orange with lots of micro glitter in it. It’s technically matte but it pulls more metallic with all that glitter in it, which is by no means a bad thing – it does some cool stuff when you put it in sunlight. I tried to get most of the glitter by taking my picture by my window but it’s hard to get just right in person.


On the arm


On the mug

Apologies for my terrible hair and general photo exposure – I’m still getting this camera figured out and this is the best picture I could get!

Now that swatches are out of the way let’s talk formula. This stuff definitely gets a good grade as far as comfort goes; it’s not hydrating (duh) but it does. Not. Dry. At all. And it’s not tacky or heavy on the lips. It’s also decently long lasting; it does transfer and thus requires touch ups but that’s to be expected and it fades evenly so you don’t have to deal with the ugly ring of color around your lip lines.

In conclusion I absolutely love this lipstick and the only thing keeping me from buying the others in the collection is my wallet and the fact that I have way too many dang red lipsticks in my bag and most of the collection is reds. Sigh. Anyways if you’re looking for a copper lipstick to add to your hoard this one should totally be the one you buy; the formula is great and it’s one of the few long-lasting mattes that won’t butcher your lips completely. You can buy it on the Shien website here so go and do that like right now.


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