Colourpop Meow and Dare Shadows

IMG_0074Colourpop’s Super Shock Shadows ($5) were my first venture into eyeshadows that aren’t pressed powder. The two colors that I currently own are Meow and Dare, impulse bought as soon as I found out that the former was being discontinued. (Yes, I’m being an asshole and reviewing a discontinued product. I apologize.)

Despite being a self-proclaimed goth, I still immensely enjoy my glitter and both of these shadows have a lot of glitter for the days that I feel like expressing my inner unicorn.

Colourpop’s Super Shock Shadows are somewhere in the realm between powder and cream eyeshadow. It’s extremely hard to explain but if you own a pot you know exactly what I mean.

Meow is described as a “light gunmetal doused with lots of pink, violet, and glitter.” I honestly regret not taking a picture of the untouched shadow because good lord the freshly opened shadow is beautiful. Meow and the shadows that were discontinued with it were all part of the Colourpop tie dyes, which are the most gorgeous shadows ever, both in the pan and on the eyes.

Photo by Temptalia

Anyways, when all the colors in Meow are swirled together and mashed on your face you get a very pretty grey with glorious, glorious flecks of white, purple, and pink glitter. The glitter is very hard to photograph true to life but I promise it’s a stunner in person. You also get a few hints of pink and purple in the grey in certain lightings but this is also extremely hard to photograph.

Dare is described as a “bright neon purple with hot pink and violet glitter.” There’s actually a bit of a blue sheen to it too, which (you guessed it) is super hard to photograph as well. If it wasn’t clear the glitter in these shadows is not done justice with photos. Dare isn’t as opaque as Meow, but with a few layers you can build it up to nearly full opacity.



You can see a bit of the blue sheen in Dare here

Both of these shadows are creamy and very long lasting. Because of the massive amount of glitter there is a pretty good amount of fallout. Regardless they pack a huge punch for the price and if you don’t have at least one pot you really, really should go and buy one because the formula is legendary.

Meow is unfortunately discontinued but you can still buy Dare for $5 here.


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