Colourpop Haul (Fall 2015 Liners & Shadow)


My Colourpop order came in! I ordered it as a birthday present for myself during their Labor Day sale and I got three eyeshadows, four lip pencils, one lipstick and one liquid lipstick. Most of the things I bought are from the Fall 2015 collection and the colors from the permanent line that I got are still appropriate for fall wear.

Anyone who knows me knows that I love fall and everything about it way too much and I would wear fall colors all year if it was socially acceptable to do so. Unfortunately people tend not to like dark lipstick usage during the spring and summer, so I’m taking full advantage of the back half of the year to get my fix.



First up are the Super Shock Shadows ($5). I got Boy Band (top left) and Central Perk (bottom) from the Fall collection as well as Drift (top right) from their permanent collection. In true Colourpop fashion they’re all soft, creamy, and super pigmented.


(top row) Boy Band; Drift; (bottom row) Central Perk

Boy Band is an “intense red copper” with a metallic finish. Drift is a “true cranberry” with a pearl finish. Central Perk is a “dirty maroon” with a matte finish.


(top to bottom) Boy Band; Drift; Central Perk

The four lip pencils ($5) I got are Poison, Ellarie, Grunge and Nevermind. All of them are matte as most lip liners are.


(top to bottom) Poison; Ellarie; Grunge; Nevermind

Poison is a “deep brown red.” Ellarie is a “blackened violet.” Grunge is a “plum brown.” Nevermind is a “deep blackened violet.”



I bought one lipstick this round, Tiger ($5), from this summer’s In The Sheer collection. It’s a “rich plum wine” and it’s something akin to a tinted balm formula.



The last thing I got was one of their relatively new liquid lipsticks in the shade Tulle ($6), a “dusty mauve burgundy.”

Aaand here are the swatches. Unfortunately no direct sunlight photo because I found out that both of them were blurry only after I took all the stuff off my arm.


(left to right) Tulle; Tiger; Nevermind; Ellarie; Potion; Grunge


Flash used

Like I said, I’ll be actually testing these babies over the next few days so hopefully I can get some reviews out in a couple of days. You can see all of Colourpop’s products here. All of the stuff besides the box sets is $8 or less.


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