Colourpop Boy Band, Central Perk, Drift Shadows


This is the first in my promised series of reviews about my fall Colourpop purchase. I bought three more of their Super Shock Shadows ($5), two from their fall collection (Boy Band, Central Perk) and one from their permanent collection (Drift).

These pots are suspended between the realms of cream and powder eyeshadows. As weird as this sounds, they are extremely pleasant to wear and they feel almost cushiony in the pot. Especially Central Perk – it is seriously soft and silky. No idea how they do that.

Boy Band is an “intense red copper” with a metallic finish. It’s really just brownish copper with a small hint of red. It’s pigmented and shiny without much fallout.

Drift is a “true cranberry” with a pearl finish. It’s a great lid color and it blends nicely. It has a bit more glitter and thus more fallout than Boy Band, but it’s not as bad as some shadows that I’ve tried. When blended it’s a subtle wash of red, but it can still be built to full pigmentation in only a few layers.

Central Perk is a “dirty maroon” with a matte finish. If I have to be honest I generally detest matte eyeshadows but the color looked so gorgeous that I had to get it to go with Drift. It ended up being a surprisingly wearable lid color – I was planning on using it as an eyeliner to go with Drift, but it looks great by itself. At full opacity it looks pretty goth like in the Look Book pictures, but when blended out it looks almost like a matte version of Drift.


Anyways, arm swatches! From top to bottom: Central Perk; Drift; Boy Band


Direct light




Indirect light

In true Colourpop fashion, the shadows all last for the entire day without creasing. If they faded at all I could barely tell. The two shades with glitter, Boy Band and Drift, barely have any fallout, and per usual the glitter doesn’t feel gritty on the eyes or anything. Here’s an eye look I did using only these three shadows:

IMG_0225 IMG_0226

Drift on the lids; Central Perk as eyeliner and blended out into the outer corner; Boy Band tapped on the center of the lid.

All the Colourpop shadows are $5 and can be purchased here.


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