Colourpop Poison, Grunge, Nevermind, Ellarie Liners


Welcome to part two of my Colourpop purchase reviews. These are the lip liners I bought. I got three from the fall collection and one from the permanent collection. I am obsessed.

Poison is a “deep brown red.” It’s a medium-dark red with brown undertones; it’s not a burgundy but it’s definitely not bright neon red either.

Ellarie is a “blackened violet.” It’s a very dark red with a hint of purple in it. It’s much darker than its lipstick counterpart because they’re supposed to be a sort of ombre lip pair together, but this would look good paired with any other red or berry color.

Grunge is a “plum brown.” It’s brown with purple undertones. It’s a really unique color and I was surprised by how much I liked it.

Nevermind is a “deep blackened violet.” It’s almost black, but there’s still some purple in it. The lipstick version is a lot more purple in the light, but the liner has no sheen and therefore looks almost like black even in direct light. Whether this is a good thing or a bad thing depends on how goth you are.


(top to bottom) Poison; Grunge; Nevermind; Ellarie



Grunge on the mug


Poison on the mug


Ellarie on the mug


Nevermind on the mug

These are some of the best lip liners that I’ve tried. They’re extremely creamy and opaque – no tugging or dryness involved in the application process, which is super impressive for a liner. I’ll admit that I had my reservations about buying them because I had a moment of, oh god, what if these are super patchy and gross? But I was wrong. They wear and wear and wear, though of course they’re not totally fadeproof and require touchups. Still, though, Grunge lasted me through some Chipotle tacos and a drink without much fading so the staying power is fantastic. They also don’t dry your lips as much as some liners do. Also note that these are sharpened and not twist-up – you just sharpen through the plastic.

One complaint I have is about the packaging – the white is super classy when it’s brand new, but these dirty so easily, especially since I generally use the side of the pencil to apply and not the tip. Obviously this isn’t going to deter me from buying these, but I don’t particularly enjoy looking at all the stains whenever I pull one of these out. This is why black packaging is good.

I’m not a very big fan of the lippie stick formula because some colors are hard to apply and they’re just overall thick and heavy and gunky, not to mention they slide off your lips super easily. But! But! The lip liner formula is a gift from God and I’ll definitely buy the liners instead of the lipstick from now on. Even if you do like the lipstick formula, however, the liners will definitely help with application and I still recommend buying them.

You can buy Colourpop liners here for $5.


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