Colourpop Tiger


Today’s review is on the Tiger Lippie Stix ($5) by Colourpop. I’m still going through that purchase… slowly. This color is from the sheer finish collection that came out this summer and I like it a lot more than I anticipated.

Tiger is a “rich plum wine.” As advertised it’s sheer but the color is buildable to a degree. It’s a very nice berry that mixes well with my natural lip coloring.


left: two layers; right: one layer (indirect light)


left: two layers; right: one layer (direct sunlight)


On my mug (two layers)

As much as I hate the normal lipstick formulas, I find that Colourpop did a fantastic job with the sheer ones. They have nothing to offer in the longetivity department due to how emollient they are, but this is to be expected from something that’s essentially a tinted lip balm. Unlike most balms, however, the color leaves a stain even after the product is rubbed off. I like the buildability of it as well.

Will I be buying more of these? Definitely. I have my eye on Kiddo right now, actually. Check out the full sheer collection here for $5 a pop.


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