Colourpop Tulle


At last, the final item in my giant Labor Day haul! I only bought one CP ultra matte because, although I adore liquid lipsticks, I’ve heard some mixed reviews on them so I didn’t want to blow my bank account on potentially mediocre products. Luckily for me this ended up being a pretty good formula. This is Tulle ($6).

Tulle is a “dusty mauve burgundy.” It really just pulls like a dusty burgundy on me with really no mauve whatsoever. But that’s cool.


Direct light


Indirect light



On the face it’s actually a very wearable color. From what I’ve seen it flatters every skintone so basically everyone needs this color. If fall was a color, this would be it. SO GOOD.


The formula is opaque and applies nicely, which is good because this is not something you want to layer. If you try to put another layer on it begins to feel extremely tacky so this is best done in one go.  If you’re a novice in the game of lipstick, I would hold off on trying these because it takes a while to get good at putting even bullet lipstick on in one layer, let alone something as unforgiving as liquid lipstick. Once the stuff is on it takes about a minute to dry so it would be wise to avoid pressing your lips together in order to let the product dry evenly.

That being said, after the lipstick has dried down it won’t budge at all so you can eat and drink as you please without any transfer. It’s comfortable for the first few hours but it can get a little bit funky later on. For me it was mild discomfort, but other reviews have said otherwise so the amount of funkiness is really at your own discretion. They are rather dry for a liquid lipstick formula – if you have excessively dry lips or your lips don’t like dry formulas, definitely skip this. There is also a bit of flaking, but the effects can be lessened with a similarly colored lip liner underneath.

All in all I’d say this is a pretty good lipstick for the price and I’ll definitely be buying more. If you buy one I’d recommend finding a similar-colored lip liner so you don’t have to worry about the slight flaking. You can buy Tulle for $6 here.


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