Deer Makeup Tutorial


It’s almost Halloween so I decided to break out the deer makeup because… it’s almost Halloween! My favorite holiday! Anyways there aren’t very many, if any Asian deer tutorials in existence so I had to wing it the first time I did this, but I have it down pretty well now so I’m making this tutorial for any of my cervid-loving Asian friends out there. It’s gonna be a fun time.

I’m going to start this off with my foundation and eyebrows already done because those are universal in any makeup-related shenanigan I have done and ever will do.  If you want to see me do those things then head on over to my No-Makeup Makeup post because I included them there.


The first thing to do is contour, but not like Instagram supermodel beauty blogger contouring. Nah, we’re doing DEER CONTOURING, folks. Which is sort of like Instagram supermodel beauty blogger contouring, except it takes way less skill. Basically you want to take a medium warm (almost orange leaning) contour/bronzer powder and kind of smear it up and down the sides of your face. You want most of it to be on the apples of your cheeks, then blend that up into your temples and down by your jaw. You’re not really trying to enhance anything, it’s just a base for your deer stuff, but if you want to use a darker color to do your cheekbones and nose or whatever you can. I actually put a little bit of brown contour powder under my cheekbones so they wouldn’t get lost under the massive amounts of bronzing powder.


It looks super subtle because 1. I’m not pale and 2. I’m not particularly a fan of the super heavy brown/orange that some people do. If you like the more dramatic contouring then go for it though.

Now you’re going to put on a little bit of neutral eyeshadow and some eyeliner like normal. I’m using brown pencil liner, but liquid is fine; pencil is just extremely easy removable and I would prefer not to waste all my makeup remover on this tutorial. Also, there are people who prefer black but black is a bit too harsh for my taste in this type of makeup. If you like the way black looks go for it. Anyways….


This next part is the tricky part if you have an epicanthic fold or if your tear ducts are otherwise covered by skin. Most white people can just trace around their tear ducts with liner but since there’s skin over mine I have to work around it. My solution is to just follow the inner edge of the skin fold with liner, keeping it as tight as possible. I also put a little bit of eyeliner on the bottom lid, but only really on the outer third of the eye.

You can put on mascara here but mascara is a pain to take off so I’m just going to not go there. Okay.


Since we’re already working with the liner I’m going to just finish the rest of the liner stuff here. This nose part is really hard to describe because it really just depends on 1. your personal preferences on what you want this to look like and 2. the shape and structure of your nose. I draw a u shape around the tip of my nose and nostrils, just following the way my nose goes (I try not to think about it super hard because it looks really weird if it’s a perfectly straight line), then I do a v-shape underneath that and fill it all in. I then extend the v almost down to my cupid’s bow but I don’t really like how it looks if it touches. Here is an actual deer so you can plan your nose stuff accordingly:

And then this is how I decided to handle all this.


It’s not perfectly true to life but it’s fine because we are people, not deer, and it gets the message across pretty well. If you will refer back to the lovely deer head up there, you’ll see that the upper lip is partially covered by the black of the nose so this is what we’re going to try to go for in this next step. So I switch to a brown lip liner and fill in my entire upper lip, then I put some nude lipstick on my lower lip. You can do a pink or orange or whatever tickles your fancy on the bottom lip, I just think it’s less distracting with a neutral.



The remaining step is the white freckles/spots (depending on how big you make them)! Grab some white eyeliner and literally just start drawing random dots all over your face. It’s best if you have them follow the pattern you set up with your contouring earlier. Some people like to do them huge, but I like to keep them a little smaller just out of personal preference. I also line my waterline with the same white eyeliner so I look somewhat less tired.


And that’s it! You are now the most majestic deer ever! I will now throw on a flower crown so I look super hipster, bonus points if your crown is the kind with antlers and even more bonus points if you make antlers yourself.

Also pretend I’m in a field or something pretty instead of in front of my closet. Kthanx




Product list:

  • Smashbox BB Cream
  • ABH Brow Powder
  • Smashbox Contour Powder
  • Random drugstore white eyeliner
  • Ulta Pencil Eyeliner
  • Clinique Wear Everywhere Nudes Palette
  • Ma Chestnut Lip Liner
  • Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream in Abu Dhabi

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