Browns for Fall


Pardon the grainy photo, it was raining so the natural light was terrible and I don’t like what flash does to my pictures. I tried taking some of the grain out but alas.

So at the time of writing this I am extremely sick! Awesome! Since I was stuck at home for the entire day I wanted to do a blog post but I look like death right now so what better to do than another swatchfest? I have an extensive collection of browns so I decided to swatch my favorite brown lipsticks as well as a couple eyeshadows just so I could take up my entire forearm with makeup. Browns are truly the best neutrals and, like reds, there’s a brown for everyone!




direct light


indirect light

(L-R) Clinique Olive in my Martini; Clinique Jute Brown; Clinique Moroccan Brown; Mac Chestnut ($16); Mac Viva Glam III ($18); Colourpop Grunge (liner, $5); Nyx Maison ($6); Nyx Abu Dhabi ($6)

All of the eyeshadows are Clinique. Jute Brown and Moroccan Brown can only be obtained through the Wear Everywhere Nudes palette ($36), which I may add is fantastic. You can see my review here.

  • Olive in my Martini ($16) is a greenish brown color with shimmer. That sounds kind of gross but on the eyes it looks more brown than green. It looks badly pigmented here only because I tried putting it on with the little foam applicator and failed. It came in the Color Cravings set but it was L.E. so the only way you can get it is by itself in a single, unless they put it in some other palettes that I don’t know about.
  • Jute Brown is a dark brown with cool undertones with shimmer. It makes a nice color to blend into your outer corners if you lack a crease and I also like using it as a liner. It also looks pretty if you put a thin layer of it over black liquid liner. Super sophisticated and glamorous.
  • Moroccan Brown is a bronze brown with shimmer. It looks almost gold on me but it’s brown. The name even says so. It’s a gorgeous all-over lid color but it also looks good blended into the outer corners.

Aaand lip products.

  • Mac Chestnut is an “intense brown.” I would describe it as a chocolate brown, because it’s basically the color of milk chocolate. I’m hungry.
  • Mac Viva Glam III is a “muted brownish plum.” I included this in my previous swatchfest but I’m putting it here too because it ended up looking way more brown than I thought it was. Now it looks extremely red next to all the brown, so I am forced to conclude that it’s not red or brown and it’s just a weird anomaly in my collection.
  • Colourpop Grunge is a “cool-toned plum brown.” The purple undertone isn’t nearly as evident next to the extremely cool toned Maison but by itself it’s almost like greige but not really. It’s a cooler toned brown but you can get away with wearing it without looking dead, which is cool. Unless you want to look dead.
  • Nyx Maison is a “milk chocolate brown.” In my opinion this isn’t at all close to what milk chocolate looks or should look like; I think the stuff straddles the line between taupe and brown and it does it nicely. I bought it expecting something super dark brown like Chestnut and was a bit disappointed when I found that it was a lot lighter, but I’ve grown to be pretty attached to it.
  • Nyx Abu Dhabi is a “deep rose beige.” It looks super orange next to Maison and Grunge but on the lips it’s light brown with a hint of pink in it. It’s actually the perfect nude shade on me, not dark enough to be an MLBB (it’s a touch lighter than my actual lips) but not light enough to look weird. The application looks a little sketch here but it’s mostly because I’m running out of product; when the tube is full it’s creamy and pigmented and all-around heavenly. And it smells like vanilla. I seriously need to grab another one.

There are all my browns! It was fun to go through my hoard and find things I haven’t used in a while, I’ll have to give some of these a bit more love in the future because they really are all gorgeous colors with great performance. I also hope that this can help some of my friends with medium skin because there aren’t nearly enough swatches for us out in this world. See you in the next swatchfest!


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