In-Store Swatch Time: Kat von D Studded Kiss


(L-R) Vampira, Gothica, Piaf, Mercy, Chula, Prayer; (bottom) Gold-Blooded

On Sunday I took a moment to swatch some of the KvD Studded Kiss lipsticks, or at least the colors that interested me the most. Admittedly I’m not the biggest fan of KvD the person, nor have I heard too many good things about the Studded Kiss formula (the liquid lipsticks are an entirely different story), but I mean the colors are so unique that I just HAD to see how they looked on me. Just look at all that glitter!

A color that’s always intrigued me is Piaf and man, now that I’ve seen it in action I kind of really really want it. Brown with purple glitter is just… so… ME. You have no idea.


From what I noticed, the newer additions to the line felt a lot creamier than the old ones, which I could feel the dryness of even on my hand. Here’s hoping the formula really was improved in the newer ones so I have an excuse to grab Piaf this Christmas. Oop.

That concludes my quick in-store swatch party! This was a fun little experiment, I’ll probably start making a habit of covering my hand in lipsticks in makeup stores to photograph later. The addiction is real.


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