Nyx Soft-Spoken Liquid Suede Cream


I’m finally hopping on the Liquid Suede hype train, choo choo. I was hoping to grab Vintage and Soft-Spoken, but Vintage was sold out so I only got to grab Soft-Spoken. This stuff has been super raved about by beauty bloggers everywhere so today we’ll see if it’s really worth it! (Although at a mere $7 it’s not much of a gamble)

Soft-Spoken is a “mauve nude.” The color calls to mind the mauvey browns that have been pretty on-trend lately, see: Kat von D Lolita, Mac Whirl, Anastasia Beverly Hills Dusty Rose.


Indirect light


Direct light

The color ended up being lighter and pinker than I expected, but I still like it. It may as well be an MLBB.



The somewhat messy application should be pretty apparent from the zoomed in picture, which brings me to my biggest complaint about this stuff: THE DAMN APPLICATOR. It’s a doe-foot, as most liquid lipsticks/glosses are, and I would have no complaint about this if it wasn’t so darn huge. It is one of the biggest applicators I’ve ever had to deal with, which makes precision pretty hard. It’s also like…bendy, which makes things even less precise. A lip brush is your friend is all I really can say about this. Applicator issues aside, I was pretty impressed with how evenly the formula applied and the pigmentation in general, so at least you won’t have to worry about streakiness.

This is not a dry liquid-to-matte like so many of the other liquid lipsticks we’ve seen on the market these days and the formula was, surprisingly, slightly moisturizing. However there are a few trade-offs that may be good or bad depending on your preferences. It takes a few minutes to set, and when it does set it’s not a completely flat matte finish, as expected. There is a little bit of transfer, but it’s minimal, which came as a bit of a surprise because admittedly the lipstick felt kind of wet for the entire time that I had it on, as in it was tacky. Not like, your lips severely stick together tacky, just slight stickiness whenever you press your lips together. It lasts for about 4 or 5 hours and is pretty comfortable if you ignore the tackiness, as it doesn’t dry or crack or anything characteristic in ultra matte finishes. It does require reapplication after a meal, but it still holds up pretty decently for the finish.

So I don’t know if I would say the massive hype is entirely justified, but this is still a pretty good liquid lipstick formula, especially if you’ve been itching to hop onto the liquid lip train but don’t want the dryness that comes standard with most formulas. If you’re the ultra dry matte type, this may not be up to par with your preferences, though, as the moisturization comes at the cost of longetivity. I’m not really going to call it a good or a bad formula because it really depends on what you like in a liquid lipstick and what expectations you have for the product.

You can buy the Nyx Liquid Suede Cream Lipsticks here.


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