Smashbox Art. Love. Color Palette Set


My mom bought this set on impulse at Ulta because she decided that she needed blush, but upon seeing the $24 price tag on Smashbox blushes (for some reason, she’s become a die-hard Smashbox loyalist lately) decided she also needed eyeshadow. This set is $50, but you get 3 palettes (and, by extension, 3 blushes) which comes out to $16 per palette, so the unit price is cheaper. She’s letting me keep one, but I got to photograph and swatch all of them for the sake of the blog.

This is one of the holiday value sets that Smashbox has put out, and my favorite part about the collection is definitely the packaging. It’s pretty unique as far as holiday packaging goes and the sleeves have gift tags on the back so they double as gift wrap of sorts. Classy. The blurb for the collection, a quote from the artist (Yago Hortav) whose paintings are featured on the packaging, is pretty deep too:

“People can’t live without color. Imagine a life in black and white—it’s boring. We need color to feel alive.”


As for the palettes themselves, they all feature Smashbox’s bestsellers, so all the shades within are permanent. Anyways, swatches.


The first palette is entirely cool-toned. The colors are pretty but I’m not particularly a fan of cool-toned purple or blues and pink  blush is truly horrendous on me. They’re also almost entirely matte, and boy do I hate matte shadow.

  • First trio: Babycakes (shimmer pink), Drizzle (midtone matte purple), Royal (deep matte purple)
  • Second trio: Lavender (soft purple), Orchid (shimmery purple), Ultramarine (navy with light shimmer)
  • Blush: Passion (cool-toned pink)

(L-R) Ultramarine, Orchid, Lavender, Royal, Drizzle, Babycakes, Flush


The second palette is all warm colors. This is the one I ended up keeping, mostly because of all the GLITTER! I really enjoyed the blush too, which happens to be described as terracotta. It’s not like my favorite blush is literally called that. Nope.

  • First trio: Luster (shimmery tan), Oxidize (soft metallic copper red), Chianti (deep wine with burgundy pearl)
  • Second trio: Nectar (soft matte peach), Cinnamon Toast (soft shimmer bronze), Roasted (reddish bronze with gold flecks)
  • Blush: Sunset (terracotta with gold pearl)

(L-R) Roasted, Cinnamon Toast, Nectar, Chianti, Oxidize, Luster, Sunset


The last palette has one warm trio, one cool trio, and a blush that isn’t really warm or cool. I actually quite liked the shades in this one, but I have so many similar browns that it wasn’t really worth it. Also, the blush is almost the same color as my arm… awkward.

  • First trio: Marzipan (light beige), Nude (soft caramel), Java (deep burnt brown)
  • Second trio: Flirt (pink beige with silver flecks), Bittersweet (deep brown with gold flecks), Dark Cocoa (dark chocolate)
  • Blush: Flush (nude pink)

(L-R) Dark Cocoa, Bittersweet, Flirt, Java, Nude, Marzipan, Flush

Aaand that’s all the palettes. I’m really digging them and I think I’ll get some good use out of the one I got. Are FOTD’s a possibility? Yes. Yes they are. Which one of these palettes is your favorite? Let me know in the comments.



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