Formula X Reactive Topcoat


I haven’t painted my nails in a while, but I came across this polish/topcoat that I got as a Christmas gift while cleaning my room and decided, heck, why not. So here, have some quick swatch pictures. Ah, glitter nail polish, how I love you.

Reactive ($12.50) is a topcoat with “sheer opalescent micro-glitter.” I don’t know if it necessarily falls into the realm of duochromes, but the glitter shifts between pink, green, blue, and white depending on the lighting.



The glitter distributes itself fairly evenly, but it helps to put on two coats to get MAXIMUM GLITTER. It’s dense enough to look pretty neat on bare nails, but the polish looks undeniably cooler over a colored base.

Now is the part when I would link to where you can buy it, but this has inexplicably disappeared off the Sephora website despite being listed as alive and well on the Formula X website, so I have no idea what’s happening. Whoops!


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