NARS Cruella (or That One Sephora Birthday Present)


Oh yes, it’s that one NARS lip crayon that everyone has because it was thrown in their bag after they went shopping at Sephora during their birthday month. I literally have three of these. Three. I’ll probably review Rikugien sometime in the future, but for now have a small review for a small lipstick. It’s kind of adorable, actually.

Cruella is a “passionate scarlet red,” which sounds a bit melodramatic but whatever. This sucker is bright freaking red and it’s essentially a jumbo lip liner so it has a pretty ultra matte finish.




It matches my shirt. Haw.

This thing is superrr long-wearing, somehow managing to last through a bowl of soup with minimal fading. (I am an extremely horrible and messy soup eater, for context) It also somehow isn’t really that drying. That’s not to say that it’s hydrating or that it doesn’t dry AT ALL, but it didn’t tear up my already-chapped-from-swatches lips more than they were, so I was impressed. It doesn’t smell, but it does taste like… cherries. Or something like that. I don’t actually know if it tastes like cherries, but it’s red so I’m like, yeah, red definitely is cherries. Even in lipstick. Anyways, my point is, if you don’t like taste, skip this, because the taste lasts pretty much as long as the product itself does.

This is a surprisingly good formula and I’ve been pretty tempted to buy a full-size NARS lip crayon. (tempted… I mean, $26. Yikes.) If I do, it probably won’t be in this color because it’s so easily dupable, but still. Very good formula. You can buy Cruella for $26 here, or, I mean, you could just go to Sephora for your birthday and get minis of this and Rikugien with whatever you buy. You deserve it.


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