Nude Lip Colors for Medium Skin


We’re right in the middle of fall, and while dark colors have the spotlight (and rightfully so), fall is also the season of nude lipstick! Despite what some shade descriptions and blog posts may lead you to believe, nude isn’t a universal color. Moreover, most “nude”-described colors are nudes for pale people. Lame. So today I’m going to share my five favorite nudes for my mug.

My first (and favorite) one is Nyx Abu Dhabi. It’s a peachish orangeish beige… ish? This is a bit lighter than my lip color but it’s not light enough to look like concealer lips or something bad like that. It’s also good for layering over darker lip liners to lighten them.


Next up is Nyx Soft-Spoken. This one has become a bit of a staple recently… I wasn’t too big on the formula at first but it’s been growing on me! It’s a mauve brown and you know everyone is going nuts for mauve browns just about now. (I don’t blame them)


One of my decidedly darker picks is the Colourpop Grunge pencil. It’s cooler toned brown and it’s a fair amount darker than the other colors in this lineup but I still consider it something of a nude. It’s also worth noting that it looks lighter in person.


This one is the Nyx lip liner in Ever. It’s just a darker version of my natural lip color, so that’s nice. It’s a pinkish brown. I wear it by itself pretty often but I also like throwing Abu Dhabi on top of it on occasion.


Last but not least is the NARS satin lip crayon in Rikugien. This is a very pink color but it’s a bit sheer so your natural lip color comes through a bit. The shine is also nice for those who like their nude with some dimension to it.

What are your favorite nudes for this fall season? Let me know!

(Also sorry for the inconsistent lighting! I picked the Absolute Worst time to take these pictures, as in at 4:15 when the sun was already starting to go down)



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