A Tour of My Makeup Bag


Hey ho, it’s the obligatory beauty blogger makeup bag post! I use most of this stuff on a daily basis, or at least regularly enough for me to warrant putting it in here. This isn’t an essentials post, this is just all the crap I have in my bag at present, so there’s a combination of old favorites and new friends in here. 


Tools! I have a spoolie, a pencil sharpener, three eyeshadow brushes, a concealer brush, a powder brush, a blush brush, a contour brush, and two angled brushes (one for brows and one for eyeliner). I don’t really use one set of brushes, I just pick and choose from my favorite brushes from different brands.


Boring prep stuff! I use Clinique moisturizer, Proactiv zit zapper, Bareminerals foundation primer, Burt’s Bees lip balm and Smashbox Primer Water. I use the Smashbox stuff as setting spray, but sometimes I spray it on my face pre-makeup too.


Face makeup! I use Smashbox BB Cream and Halo Powder, Bareminerals concealer and setting powder, Colourpop highlighter (Wisp), and Nyx blush (Terracotta). I’ve had Wisp for quite a while now so all the cool holographic text is gone from the packaging.


Eye makeup! The two palettes are the Clinique Wear Everywhere Nudes and one of the palettes from the Smashbox Art. Love. Color. palette set. The other stuff is Colourpop Boy Band, Anastasia brow powder duo (Ebony), Nyx brow gel (Black), and elf liquid eyeliner.


Last but not least we have the lip makeup, my personal favorite. I use Nyx Soft-Spoken, Nyx Abu Dhabi, Shien Cosmetics Gold Viper, Colourpop Tulle, Mac Half Red, Nyx ever, and Mac Viva Glam III in a rotation of sorts.

So now that this post is done, I have officially indoctrinated myself into beauty blogger culture. Like, for real. That’s how it works, right?


One thought on “A Tour of My Makeup Bag

  1. behappyxxx says:

    Lol nice post, and i love the unique tone and style you have! I can really hear your voice through your words, and unfortunately for me, i havent quite found my unique voice yet


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