Nyx Vintage Liquid Suede Cream


The good news: I found the Liquid Suede display at Ulta completely restocked on Saturday so I finally got my hands on Vintage! The bad news: It was pretty dang disappointing compared to the other Liquid Suede lipstick I have.  

Vintage is a “plum with mauve undertones.” The color sounded and looked like a dream to me, your resident mauve addict – how could I resist, especially with swatches that looked like this?


image by depechegurl @ Instagram

I was also very impressed with Soft-Spoken’s performance, so I was eager to get my hands on Vintage! But that excitement was, unfortunately, short-lived once I actually tried to put this on.




It’s pretty obvious from the pictures that this stuff is streaky as hell, even with the 4 or so layers I put on. It was super hard to work with, and attempting to even it out often resulted in you just pulling product off instead of putting more on. It also managed to pool along the edges of the strokes you made, so you’d have a ton of stuff accumulated especially around your lip line, which was a pain to smooth out. You can see exactly where I drew lines on the arm swatches.

This may have been because of the sheer amount of layers, but boy was this stuff horribly tacky! It wasn’t a slight stickiness like Soft-Spoken was, either. My lips were literally sticking together, to the point that they’d actually lift product off where they stuck. (Check out those bald patches on my lip swatch!) The entire thing just felt very goopy, thick and uncomfortable. It also got all over my teeth, even after I did the finger test on it, so every time I opened my mouth I found product. Not cute. Not cute at all. I couldn’t keep this on for more than 10 minutes.

I was pretty bummed that such a beautiful color managed to be so disappointing! Usually I can deal with mediocre products if I like the color enough, but I couldn’t stand this one. This sucker got returned today, as there was no way I could get any more use out of it after this experience with it.

You can buy the Liquid Suede Cream lipsticks here for $7. I wouldn’t recommend this color at all, but I wholeheartedly encourage you to buy Soft-Spoken. If you didn’t catch the link to my review on that one, here it is again.


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