Smashbox Art. Love. Color. Lip Gloss Set


Today we found this cute little gift box in a bin by the Ulta cash registers. The Smashbox Art. Love. Color. Lips set ($20) includes 5 adorable lip gloss minis, each cashing in at $4 per gloss – not bad, not bad. IMG_3521

The lip glosses included in this set are Disco Rose, Orchid, Superstar, Pout, and Coraline. The packaging is consistent with the rest of the Art. Love. Color. series with art by Yago Hortal; it’s no secret that I’m quite the fan of the packaging and I hope Smashbox continues to spotlight artists like this. Although these are relatively cheap, Smashbox didn’t skimp on the sizing and these are actually pretty reasonable. They should last a while.



(L-R) Coraline, Pout, Superstar, Orchid, Disco Rose

The Smashbox glosses aren’t very pigmented (the lighter shades being the least pigmented, obviously), but the sheerness keeps things flattering and relatively unflashy. They’re nice for everyday use, and they’re nice for people who want color but aren’t ready to commit to a high-pigmented lipstick/gloss (e.g. my mother).

Now for the lip swatches, hey ho. I honestly looked like trash today so for the first time on this blog I’m not doing full face pictures. Shocking. The downside to this is you can see how horrible my application is but hey, I’m human.


Disco Rose

Disco Rose is a “rich rose.” It looks extremely red in the tube and on my arm, but since it’s so sheer my natural lip color makes it look more pink. It’s a nice option for those who are on the fence about red lipstick and want to dip a toe in before going in full force.



Orchid is a “sheer berry.” I really don’t like lighter purples, but I was weirdly tolerant of this one. As with Disco Rose, this one is a worthwhile investment for someone who wants to try purple but doesn’t want to commit completely.



Superstar is a “soft golden grape.” This one is by far my favorite; it’s not very pigmented, but that glitter!  I look forward to using this one as a layering gloss. It also looks pretty good on its own.



Pout is a “pale blue pink.” Despite the sheerness this one really wanted to wash me out, so it’s not my favorite!



Coraline is a “deep coral.” The name on this one is cute. Anyways, this one is the sheerest in pigmentation and its similarity to my actual lips didn’t help much either! But your mileage may vary.

This formula isn’t exceptional or anything, it’s just lip gloss. It’s on the thicker side – if you have any of the Revlon ColorBurst glosses, it’s basically that but a lot sheerer. Smashbox claims that this isn’t sticky, but it has a bit of stickiness initially. Despite the thickness and slight tackiness, it doesn’t feel heavy on the lips at all and it’s quite comfortable. It’s also slightly moisturizing as most glosses are. I wore Superstar out and it lasted about 3/4 hours before fading, which is about average.

The applicator is a bit bigger than most doe-foots and it likes to pile a lot of product up on the edges so it’s wise to smooth everything down after you apply. The formula itself isn’t uneven, the applicator just really wants to make it seem that way!

At $4 per gloss, this set is an exceptionally good deal. These would make good stocking stuffers if separated, or you could just wrap the entire box up and throw it under the tree. It’s equally nice for hoarding or gifting, especially at such a cheap price point. You can buy the set for $20 here.


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