Kat von D Lolita Everlasting Liquid Lipstick


I got a Sephora gift card as a gift and ended up using it to treat myself to the cult favorite Kat von D Lolita lipstick ($21). I’m not the biggest fan of KvD as a person (she’s done more than a few things that have rubbed me the wrong way) but I’ve heard good things about these products so I decided to separate the product from the person and give this a whirl. And besides, who would pass up the chance to grab something that’s almost always sold out? Not me. 

Lolita is a “chestnut rose.” It’s a pretty safe color for me to be honest, but I can never have too many neutral browns in my life.



I’ll add lip swatches to this in eventuality, but right now my lips are super chapped and I don’t want them to suffer. Also it’ll photograph badly.

The formula is pretty thin, it’s not as thin as the CP formula but it’s definitely on that end of the liquid lip spectrum. Think somewhere between Colourpop and the Nyx Liquid Suede liquid lipsticks. It goes on mostly evenly in one coat, but two coats are a good idea because it is prone to a few uneven spots. 

It’s very forgiving, and I appreciate the dry time it gives you – it doesn’t dry down immediately, but it gives you just enough time to push the formula around and clean up any mistakes without having to bust out makeup remover. Once it’s on and dry the stuff is soft and lightweight, and it isn’t prone to cracking. This has to be one of the most comfortable transfer-proof liquid lipsticks I’ve tried for sure. It’s not drying initially, but it becomes a bit drying after a few hours; it’s not nearly as drying as the Colourpop ones, even then. It lasts pretty well through light eating and drinking, but it won’t stand up to oily foods. (but then, oily food is The Enemy of any lipstick so this shouldn’t come as a surprise) 

As a side note, I thought this color looked pretty familiar and swatched Nyx Soft Spoken next to it, and lo and behold…


(L-R) Soft Spoken; Lolita

Soft Spoken is thicker and not a flat matte like this is, so if you prefer a more hydrating liquid lip I would buy that instead. It’s also much cheaper if you just don’t want to spend a whopping $21 on a lipstick (Soft Spoken is $7)

I think the hype for this color was pretty worth it; although the shade itself is pretty generic the formula does make up for it and I’ll be using this pretty often. If you have the cash to drop, I would recommend giving this line a look. You can buy Lolita here for $21.


2 thoughts on “Kat von D Lolita Everlasting Liquid Lipstick

  1. Melanie says:

    Nice it looks so pretty! I’ve obviously heard so much hype over this colour but was always chasing after some other makeup item haha.

    Thanks for showing the dupe for this! Is that a NYX velvet suede?


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