Kat von D Piaf Studded Kiss Lipstick


I hope your Christmas/nondenominational winter holiday is going well! I received Kat von D Piaf ($21) as a gift today. I’ve been quite captivated by this color for a while; the odd color combination doesn’t sound very palatable to most normal people but some of my color preferences are definitely not normal.

Piaf is a “cool chocolate with purple shimmer.” It’s definitely a very unique color and not everyone’s cup of tea, but brown is my favorite lip color and purple is my favorite color in general so this sounded extremely appealing.



The purple glitter is extremely fine so it isn’t visible unless the light hits it in the right place. In direct light, it looks like shimmer or frost despite the color itself being matte. This was a bit sad, but oh well, it’s not like I go around in direct sunlight constantly.


The coverage on this is not as even as I would like so it definitely needs brown lip liner underneath. I also found that the shape of the bullet makes it a bit difficult to get precise application, so a lip liner would definitely benefit it in that regard as well. I’ve heard things about the Studded Kiss line being dry and difficult to apply, but Piaf ended up being pretty creamy and there wasn’t any tugging while applying, so there’s a plus. It also didn’t feel drying, but I haven’t actually tested it in the wild yet so the chance still remains that the dryness will hit a few hours into wear. Fortunately the glitter doesn’t feel gritty or chunky as some glittery lipsticks do.

Before I end this post, check out the brand spanking new bullet. I had to take a close-up before I used it because it’s SO COOL and I just like looking at unused makeup.


Anyways, I’m not the biggest fan of this formula, but it’s not awful and the color is so unique that I’m willing to settle for the mediocrity. A lip liner will likely solve most of the problems that this lipstick has, so if you intend on buying it make sure you have a brown lip liner handy. You can buy Piaf for $21 here.


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