eos Strawberry Sorbet Smooth Sphere Lip Balm


That title is a mouthful. Anyways, I generally don’t review things that aren’t makeup but I’m out of town right now and I wanted to post some sort of review! I’ve seen these eos balms raved about left and right so I figured I’d finally hop onto the bandwagon. 

I’m a pretty hardcore Burt’s Bees lip balm user, but the taste isn’t all that great and sometimes it doesn’t moisturize my lips as deeply as I would like, so I decided to grab one of these as an alternative. According to the website, these are 95% organic and 100% natural, which isn’t really something that I care about but I suppose all-natural junkies are all over these for this reason.


The bright pink is pretty stereotypically girly looking. Although I loathe pink, the balm is strawberry flavored and I can never pass strawberry anything up so I’ll deal with it. Fortunately, it smells and tastes very nice, unlike the Burt’s Bees balms, which only have the nice scents going for them. But for the important part, does this lip balm actually do its job? I’ve been applying it fairly often for the past day and it has been doing some work on my extremely chapped lips, so I would say so! Hopefully this balm will be the key to getting my lips in acceptable condition for lipstick by NYE.

I don’t know if these really deserve to be that hyped up, but they certainly moisturize well and the nice taste and scent is always a bonus. You can buy one for $3.29 here or really at any grocery store or drugstore. Pricey for a lip balm, but they’re pretty cute!


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