Colourpop Swerve, Best O, Stomper Creme Gel Colour


Colourpop recently released gel eyeliner in a larger range of colors than I’ve ever seen in any eyeliner line ever. I’ve been looking to try gel liner out, so at $6 a pot I couldn’t resist picking out a few. The three I got are relatively tame colors because I needed good daily liners, but next time I’ll definitely be grabbing some more out-there colors because this line knocks it out of the park!


(top to bottom) Stomper; Swerve; Best O


(L-R) Best O; Stomper; Swerve

As a whole, these liners are pigmented, creamy, easy to apply, and set very quickly. I use an angled brush to apply them, but my application is a bit subpar because my brush isn’t very stiff, making precision difficult. To get clean and sharp lines, I recommend getting a fine and stiff angled brush.


Swerve (true onyx black)


Swerve (true onyx black) Ack, I couldn’t get a decent looking wing with this one!


Stomper (true cool-toned brown)


Stomper (true cool-toned brown)


Best O (deepened burgundy)

Best O (deepened burgundy)

I found that Swerve applied the best out of all three, but the others weren’t too far off. Best O was a little bit dryer than the other two, but it was still manageable.

This liner sets fast, so it’s best to work with it quickly. The liner won’t lift off itself if you put more on after it sets, but it’s much harder to correct line mistakes because of how smudgeproof it is. I usually work relatively fast with eyeliner and I loathe having to wait for it to dry, so this is a godsend for me, but for people who aren’t as good with liner it may take longer to get used to. Once it’s all dry, it doesn’t play around – this eyeliner wears like iron. It’s not resilient enough to last perfectly through a vigorous eye rubbing (to be fair, no liner I’ve tried is),  but it will withstand normal wear and tear with no issues. No transfer, no smudging.

When it comes time to the makeup off, it’s a bit fussy and requires a little more scrubbing, but standard makeup remover works fine with a bit of effort. I don’t use an oil-based makeup remover and it comes right off with elbow grease. I don’t really mind my eyeliner being hard-to-remove if I don’t have to babysit it all day, but it is something to keep in consideration.

I wholeheartedly recommend the Colourpop gel pots if you’re keen on gel/cream eyeliner or if you’re just sick of your eyeliner ending up places that aren’t on your lashline. At $6 per pot and with a giant range of colors (including metallic ones), they’re a pretty good bargain and it’s pretty hard to try just one! If you’re starting out with the brand these are definitely something to take a look at. You can look at the entire range of Creme Gel Colour here.


4 thoughts on “Colourpop Swerve, Best O, Stomper Creme Gel Colour

  1. Anna says:

    I haven’t ordered any of these yet, but I’m dying to try them out. One trick that I like to use with gel liners that are a bit more on the dry side is to put one or two eye drops directly into the pot. It doesn’t ruin the formula at all, just makes it a little easier to work with 🙂


  2. Valerie says:

    Thank you for the swatches! I am interested in trying these as well. The only thing I dislike is on the eye the colors all look very similar. Swatched next to each other you can see the difference, but I wonder if one could tell from a distance. Also I need to work on my gel eyeliner game 🙂


    • kayleconut says:

      You can definitely tell a difference between Swerve and the other two! The effect of black vs. almost-black seems negligable in theory but in practice the black looks a lot harsher. I prefer brown eyeliner for daily use because it doesn’t look as severe! I do admit that I’m a bit disappointed by the deepness of Best O though, I was definitely expecting it to be lighter than Stomper and thus easier to distinguish as burgundy.


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