Sephora Birthday Gift 2016: Marc Jacobs Edition


My mom’s birthday is in January, so she was among the first to have the 2016 Sephora birthday gift bestowed upon her. There are two options: a skincare set from Fresh or a cosmetics set from Marc Jacobs. My mom already has her skincare routine together, so she walked out with the makeup. The set contains a Highliner Gel Eye Crayon in Blacquer ($25 full-sized) and a Le Marc lipstick in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang ($30 full-sized). My mom commented that I could put these on my blog. She knows me too well.


Blacquer is, according to the brand, the “blackest, shiniest black.” The Highliners are supposed to boast the pigmentation of a gel pot in the form of an eyeliner crayon. I found that it was very creamy and pigmented, although the tip isn’t well-suited for extreme precision.

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is a “baked rose.” I have no idea what the adjective “baked” is supposed to mean, but it’s just a slightly muted pink. The brand claims that the Le Marc Lip Creme line delivers one-swipe pigmentation and “endless hours of luxurious wear.” The pigmentation is fantastic, but the lipstick is very creamy so I don’t expect that it’ll last the 10 hours that it’s advertised to.


(L-R) Blacquer; Kiss Kiss Bang Bang


I’m pretty impressed that Sephora went with something as high-class as Marc Jacobs for their birthday gift this year. I’m not a fan of the color of the lipstick, but for (normal) people who like pink more it’s a nice little sample to treat yourself to on your special day.

To get the Sephora birthday gifts, you must be signed up for their Beauty Insider program (which is free, I may add) and buy something on your birthday month, either in-store or online.


One thought on “Sephora Birthday Gift 2016: Marc Jacobs Edition

  1. Melanie says:

    Love love LOVE. Ugh, my bday is in October so I have some time to wait. I have a mini of the highligher and I love how matte black it is! That lipstick colour looks so perfect too!


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