Colourpop Limbo, Stingraye Ultra Matte Lipstick


I bought two more Colourpop liquid lipsticks, Stingraye and Limbo, in my last order. They’re pretty safe colors, and I’ll freely admit I can honestly never have too many neutrals. I’ve been dying to get Limbo since the line first launched, but Stingraye is a relatively new shade that caught my eye because I dig mauves. 

Limbo is a “deep chocolate brown.” True chocolate brown lipsticks are pretty hard to find, especially in liquid lipstick lines, so I knew pretty much immediately that I needed to get my hands on this eventually.

Stingraye is a “cool-toned mauve brown.” It was a collaboration with the gorgeous beauty Youtuber ItsmyRayeRaye, so that combined with how stunning the color is motivated me to add this to my order on impulse. It looks more pink than brown on me, but at least that means that it’s something a little more unique to add to my hoard.


(L-R) Limbo; Stingraye (the lighting here came out a bit funky, they’re not that dark)





The formula is where it gets a bit interesting. Limbo is the “classic” Colourpop formula (see: Tulle), but Stingraye got a revamped formula, and it is wonderful.

To recap, the original Ultra Matte formula is thin but opaque and for the most part applies pretty evenly. It’s generally unforgiving and doesn’t take too well to reapplication, but it’s pretty long-wearing (more or less 8 hours as long as you don’t eat anything oily or greasy) so touchups usually aren’t necessary. It feels dry pretty much as soon as it sets, but it doesn’t become uncomfortable until a few hours in. A lip liner definitely helps the dryness aspect.

The revamped formula used for Stingraye has improved significantly upon the original, however! It’s much more forgiving and feels more comfortable once it dries down. It still is as transfer- and life-proof as the original formula, but much of the dryness has been taken away. Think of it as a moister and more comfortable incarnation of the original formula.

Limbo and Stingraye are both available for $6. You can buy them here.


5 thoughts on “Colourpop Limbo, Stingraye Ultra Matte Lipstick

    • kayleconut says:

      They do! The ones that don’t dry down all the way are Chilly Chili, Instigator, More Better, Bad Habit, and First Class. The trade off from what I’ve heard is that those five are definitely more comfortable, but they require more babysitting. I think Stingraye was an attempt to take the good aspects from the old formula (long wear time and super matte) and combine them with the good from the fall 2015 formula (comfortable and not as drying)

      Liked by 1 person

      • behappyxxx says:

        Ahh got it! Thanks! And would you recommend the lip stix or the ultra matte lipsticks? And any eyeshadows that you’d recommend?


      • kayleconut says:

        I think the lippie stix vs. ultra mattes really depends on your preferences. In my experience, the lipstick slides off your lips relatively easily even with lipliner (I wore one out to a party over lip liner and it still came off super easily even when I just drank something… not cute) but I haven’t found them to be drying at all. On the other hand the Ultra Mattes last virtually all day but most of them dry out your lips! I would just get one or two of each in colors you like and see which you like better. You may end up liking both! I highly recommend grabbing at least one lip liner from them too because the lip liners rival even my Mac ones.

        As for eyeshadow, you need Boy Band. This is not debatable. Since you seem to like neutrals, La La is a pretty rose gold and Drift is a nice neutral-with-a-twist kind of color. Their shadows are pretty consistent in quality so I would just look up swatches of colors you’re interested in and if you like it, go for it!

        Liked by 1 person

      • behappyxxx says:

        Ahh alright. Thank you!

        Lol ill definitely get Boy Band when i make a purchase😂 and ahh Drift looks really nice! Thank you so much!


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