Loreal W6-8 TrueMatch Concealer


I’ve had pretty bad experience with concealers, so I’ve avoided buying a tube for a pretty long time. But this has changed! A few weeks ago I took the plunge and got a tube of L’Oreal True Match concealer in W6-8/Medium to Deep. The color ended up being completely different from what it looked like in the tube, but I’m not going to base this review on my own stupidity. 

This concealer is warm-toned and made for medium-to-dark skintones. I really had no idea what to expect going into this, and there were no testers, so all my decisions were based off of me holding the tube up to my hand/face and trying to make judgements from there. The tube color looked 1. slightly lighter than my actual skin and 2. pretty close in undertone, so even though I consider myself more of a warm-leaning neutral I figured I must be warm in this line.

Both of those assumptions were pretty damn wrong.


Hello, out of focus photo. This is what happens when your left arm still has swatch residue so you have to try to take a picture of your right arm

To be fair, I swatched this on the inside of my forearm, which is understandably a bit lighter than my face, so it’s not really that much darker, but it’s definitely not light enough to brighten up my dark circles. However, it’s definitely a lot more yellow than I bargained for.

I know the picture I have of the tube looks pretty accurate to the swatch and you probably think I have terrible color vision, but I took the picture in pretty bad lighting and Photoshop messed with the color while I was editing it. The promo picture on the Ulta website is a bit more representative of what I saw in the store. (I mean, you could condemn me for not knowing what “deep” means but have you seen what some companies consider to be “deep” these days?!)


Definitely not yellow. Or at all dark.

Here I am attempting to use it as undereye concealer:


It definitely covers up my dark circles, so I mean, hey, it’s doing its job and that’s what I’m here to talk about. So let’s move onto formula so I can stop embarrassing myself on the internet because my concealer choice looks like a bad spray tan.

Color aside, this puppy is allowing me to slowly put my faith back into concealers, and I guess liquid makeup in general too. The consistency is pretty interesting – it’s not thick and hard-to-manage like a cream is, but it doesn’t run down your face while you’re trying to put it on. And man, it blends like a champion. I found that I could at least blend it in enough that the yellow faded into the rest of my skin pretty well, so at least there was a transition between the two. Ha. And if it wasn’t fairly evident from the picture, it does get a pretty decent amount of coverage, so that’s always good to see in a concealer! It doesn’t settle into lines or crease either, and it sets with a natural sheen without looking oily. I really can’t find anything bad to say about the formula itself. I wish the applicator was a doe-foot instead of the weird brush thing, and it would be nice if it was a bit bigger, but it’s a good value and you can get a lot of coverage with a small amount of product so I’ll deal with it.

I was getting ready to exchange this for the concealer in the next shade up (and in the neutral line instead of the warm one) so it was actually usable, but then I discovered that, if I use this pretty sparingly, I can blend most (key word: most) of the yellow out and make a pretty good foundation out of it! All hope is not lost. I’ll still probably be buying a better matching shade, but for the time being I’ve found a way to get some use out of this without looking awful. I left my forehead bare in this picture so you can see that there’s still a minor undertone difference. 

This is definitely something worth looking at if you’re into liquid concealer. My only complaint is that 3 shades per undertone is a bit restrictive, since the light-medium shade looks really light, so if the shades could branch out as much as the foundation it would definitely be to the line’s benefit. The formula is pretty fantastic, and at under $10 it’s not a bad investment at all. You can buy this for $8.99 here.


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