Ecotools Eye-Enhancing Duo Brush Set


My Sephora eye brushes have started to shed and they feel extremely itchy, so I decided to return to my cheapo brush roots and get a new Ecotools set. I only have one Ecotools eyeshadow brush, but it’s getting a bit old too and I like having multiple eyeshadow brushes so that’s how I’m going to justify this to myself. And I mean, hey, $5.99 for what is essentially a set of 4 brushes is not bad at all.


(top-bottom) Blend and Smudge; Shade and Define

The Ecotools Eye-Enhancing Duo comes with two double-ended brushes. Each brush head has a different purpose, but really all of them except for the liner could function as general shadow brushes if you’re not that into fancy complex eyeshadow.


Shade brush

The Shade brush is a “true” general shadow brush. This one is technically for slapping color on, but honestly it does a decent job at most anything. If you’re not using multiple colors or you don’t mind getting your colors mixed on the brush this is a pretty good multipurpose/workhorse brush. The Ecotools shadow brush I have is this one and it’s worked out nicely over the years.


Define brush

On the other end of the Shade brush is the Define brush, which is obviously an angled liner brush. It’s not as stiff as I would like, but it’s a lot better than my current brush so I’ll take it.


Blend brush

The Blend brush is meant to blend out the stuff you slap on with the Shade brush, but it could also work as another general shadow brush if you’re desperate. I haven’t done anything crazy on my eyes since I’ve gotten these so I haven’t been able to test out its blending capabilities fully.


Smudge brush

The Smudge brush is, obviously, for smudging out eyeliner and eyeshadow. I’ll probably use this one the least because I usually just use my fingers to smudge shadow on the rare occasion that I do, but I might test it out as a smaller brush to use on the outer corner of my lid.

Oh, and I need to rave about the cute canvas bag that they come in because it’s very cute and convenient because I tend to be overprotective of my brushes.


Anyways, as all Ecotools brushes are, these are super soft and easy to work with! Unlike the Sephora brushes, I’ve never had any shedding problems – even my old shadow brush is still nice and soft, without any shedding or lost hairs. My blush and powder blushes from them are also going strong. Ecotools has one of the strongest brush games I’ve ever tried – budget or otherwise!

If you haven’t tried Ecotools brushes, I highly encourage you to do so – they’re excellent quality and rival that of more expensive lines for a fraction of the price. I have a pretty eclectic collection of brushes, but Ecotools definitely has a permanent home in my makeup bag. You can buy the Eye-Enhancing Duo set for $5.99 here.


2 thoughts on “Ecotools Eye-Enhancing Duo Brush Set

  1. Katherine T. says:

    I have 6 of these brush sets and love them– cheap price (lots of BOGO 50% off) and works just great. And I wash my brushes every single day, with some softsoap and water. I’ve had some for about 3 years, and they look like new, no staining, no shedding, no lost hairs. They’re a drugstore gem


    • kayleconut says:

      They’re great, aren’t they? I have another set as well (eyeshadow, powder, blush and eyebrow) and they’ve been doing great for several years now. I love how soft they are!


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