Formula X Piaf Nail Polish


I bought this sucker a month ago at Sephora but I’ve never gotten around to wearing it until now! And, of course, by the time I get around to putting it on and photographing it for a review, it’s already been gone from my brick-and-mortar Sephora for a few weeks. But heck, I didn’t take all these pictures for nothing, and it looks like this is still available for purchase ($12.50) on the Sephora website, so here we go. My nail polish application skills are not the best and for that I apologize in advance.

This polish is part of a limited edition collaboration with the Kat von D brand where Formula X put out several polishes matching some Studded Kiss lipstick colors. 


Piaf, like its lipstick sibling, is a “cool-toned chocolate brown with purple shimmer.” Unlike the lipstick, which is a brown base with purple shimmer, the Piaf nail polish is more of a brown with purple duochrome. The shift is very apparent and will come out when even the smallest amount of light hits it, so the brown is often hard to pick out. The base itself is very dark brown and almost looks black when there isn’t a direct light hitting it.

Here are some slightly out of focus pictures of my hand in direct sunlight. Apparently, my left hand is garbage at keeping a camera stable. But hey, my right nails generally look prettier than my left so it was all worth it.



And then a picture by the matching lipstick for comparison. Turns out they don’t match very well at all, but I’m still fond of the combination anyways. Pardon the messy lipstick application, I didn’t bother with a liner! (A Huge Miss Steak when it comes to near-new lipstick bullets)



As for the formula of the polish, I was pleasantly surprised at how forgiving it was. It got pretty goopy and uneven on my left thumb, but by the time I got back to it for a second coat it had levelled itself off quite nicely. I also dinged my right index finger while I was trying to clean some polish, so I quickly threw some more polish and topcoat on top and it looks almost as good as new now! It’s actually extremely pigmented on the first coat, unlike many dark nail polishes, but it’s a good policy to do two coats anyways.

This is a very pretty and unique nail color to have and I’m glad I snagged it before it was taken out of my Sephora. I can’t speak for the Sephora you have around your area, so I would double check before rushing to order online, but if yours doesn’t have it and you still want it you can buy it for $12.50 here.


3 thoughts on “Formula X Piaf Nail Polish

    • kayleconut says:

      Formula X definitely has a stellar line of colors and a formula to match! There’s this brown and blue duochrome I’ve had my eye on for a while. It’s a bit pricey compared to other nail brands but it’s a worthwhile thing to treat yourself to. I also really like the packaging they have going on, the polishes are so stackable and pleasant to look at! I really shouldn’t judge things by the packaging but I can’t help it.

      Liked by 1 person

      • behappyxxx says:

        Lol i do the same with packaging! I think its why im drawn to a lot of asian makeup brands with cute packaging lol


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