Happy Lunar New Year!


i haven’t really done much with eyeshadow lately, but all the LNY hype has been getting to me so I caved and did an eye look with more eyeshadows than I’ve used in the last few weeks combined. Ha. Red and gold is always a fun color combination to play with, I’ll be honest! (I know I’m a day early, but who has time to do this on weekdays anyways?) 


I don’t have any true envelope-red colored eyeshadow, but it went better with the cranberry colors than I expected! I also took those Ecotools eye brushes for a spin and the blending brush made my color transitions way prettier than my fingers could ever do. I feel so professional and sophisticated.

Also, my eyebrows are a hot mess because I forgot to brush them back before taking pictures, so that’s on me! Yikes.


Products used:

  • L’Oreal W6-8 concealer mixed with Bareminerals Bisque concealer
  • Anastasia Ebony Dipbrow
  • Ulta Aztec Gold shadow
  • Smashbox Oxidize, Chianti, Luster shadow
  • Colourpop Drift, Central Perk, Boy Band shadow
  • Clinique At Dusk shadow
  • Colourpop Swerve, Best O Creme Gel Colour
  • elf Copper liquid liner
  • Ulta Legendary Lengths mascara

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