Hard Candy Daffodil Velvet Mousse Lipstick


Long time no post! Between being extremely busy and trying to be on as much of a no-buy as I can muster, I haven’t really had much of a reason to post here for a few weeks. Anyways, I’ve been pretty taken with the concept of Hard Candy’s new liquid lipstick line, so  today I finally caved and got the color Daffodil. For $6 you get a pretty decent amount of product and and adorable tin to boot, so I didn’t hesitate to put my no-buy on hold for a few minutes! 

The lipstick comes housed in a metal floral print tin. Tins are pretty few and far between even in high end cosmetics, let alone drugstore, so this was an appealing and unique packaging concept for sure. I’ll admit the packaging was definitely a major factor in my decision to buy this!



Anyways, Daffodil is a light peach color. I expected it to be more brown like it is in the tube, but I’m pleasantly surprised by how nice of a peachy nude it is.



The consistency of the formula is thick and creamy, a la Nyx Soft Matte Lip Creams. To their credit, these go on much more evenly than the Nyx lip creams and I found I only needed to dip once to get everything on my lips. The applicator is similar to the ones you find in the Nyx Liquid Suedes, but it’s slimmer, which I really like because you still get the same amount of coverage with more control behind it.

Despite not being transfer-proof, the lipstick lasts for about 5 or 6 hours and holds up well between meals just because of the thickness and amount of pigment packed in the lipstick. It starts out more as a satin until the formula settles into matte after about a half hour – as a general rule, thick lipsticks take longer to dry down than thin ones, just like most things. If you gently blot it on a tissue two or three times, you can get it to a matte faster. It lasts through meals pretty well; you may want to reapply anyways but if you don’t have the time you don’t have to worry about having a ring around your mouth. I like thicker cream lipsticks partly because they tend to fade evenly instead of flaking off or crumbling unevenly like thinner formulas.

This is not a super matte lipstick like the ones you’d see from Colourpop, Anastasia, or KvD. The “Mousse” in the line name should hint at that, but all too often people go into these sorts of lipsticks without doing research and assume that every liquid matte lipstick is going to be a fully dry and transfer-proof one. This is not one of those. However, it wears just as long as a normal matte lipstick, so if you don’t mind the subtle shine it’s worth giving these a try because I haven’t experienced any drying. My lips are chapped as all hell but the lipstick did a good job at hiding most of the weird flakes and, while it wasn’t hydrating, it also didn’t destroy my lips further, so I was impressed.

This was my first Hard Candy purchase and I’m floored by the quality, so I’ll be picking up another color or two from this lipstick line! I think my only gripe is the limited and generic shade selection, so I hope they expand the color range some to give me an excuse to collect some more cute tins. If you enjoy the Nyx Soft Matte Lip Creams I would give these a go because the formula is practically identical with a few improvements (it even has a similar vanilla scent if you’re a fan of the lip cream scent) and you get a lot more product for the same price. I haven’t been able to find these online, but most Walmarts should be stocking these by now, so go look in your Hard Candy section if you’re interested. They retail for $6.



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