Natural Rose Gold EOTD


This isn’t very impressive buuuuuuuuuuut I mean I haven’t posted in an obscenely long time and everyone likes natural eye makeup so here we are. And my eyebrows were really, really good today because I had like half an hour to burn doing them. Ooooooooh yeah. Look at that. I feel so Instagram-model-like right now. And my camera got really good pictures today. Today was such a good makeup day, wow. Amazing. 


This is a really simple eye look but it looks really impressive once it’s all done so thanks for that Clinique. You got me. Also I just really love rose gold eyeshadow, god dang.


Products used:

  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow in Ebony
  • Nyx Brow Gel in Black
  • Clinique Sahara Sun, At Dusk, Moroccan Brown shadows from the Wear Everyday Nudes palette
  • Colourpop Stomper Creme Gel Colour
  • Nyx Medium Wonder Pencil in waterline

3 thoughts on “Natural Rose Gold EOTD

    • kayleconut says:

      I love them, I think they’re definitely one of Colourpop’s strengths! They’re very creamy and pigmented, but they set almost as soon as you put them on so you don’t have to wait 5 minutes for them to dry. They also wear like iron, I put these on around 12:00 noon today and it’s 8:30 at night as I write this and they haven’t budged at all. They’re legit my new holy grail eyeliners.

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