Colourpop Haul: Brow Stuff!


Colourpop restocked its brow products on Monday, so I took the opportunity to grab myself a few new goodies for myself and my mom! I got the order in 4 days, which is the fastest they’ve ever processed and shipped something to me, so I’m impressed. I will be reviewing my portion of the order over the next few days, but for now here are some swatches of the entire haul. 

First off, here are the much-hyped-for brow products! They come in eight shades from light blonde to pitch black. I noticed there aren’t really any truly cool-toned shades, so I hope they do an expansion to accomodate those with cooler hair colors (ash brown, platinum blonde, grey, cooler black hair, etc)

Anyways, I purchased both a pencil and a pomade in the second-darkest shade, Black N’ Brown, a “deep blackened brown.” The pencil is for my mom, but I swatched it next to the pomade for comoparison.


(wrist out) Top: Black N Brown Brow Colour; Bottom: Black N Brown Brow Pencil


I noticed the pencil runs slightly lighter than the pomade, at least for this shade in particular, but it’s hardly apparent from a distance.

I also swatched Black N Brown next to the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow in Ebony. I was a bit worried Black N Brown would be too warm and/or light, but I was pleasantly surprised to find they only differed slightly. I noticed the Dipbrow is a bit stiffer and drier than the Colourpop pomade, which in comparison glides on a lot creamier. I like the stiffness of the Dipbrow formula, but we’ll see what happens when I test this tomorrow!


(wrist out) Top: Black N Brown Colourpop Brow Colour; Bottom: Anastasia Beverly Hills Ebony Dipbrow

I also ordered some of the Creme Gel eyeliner pencils for my mom to try out. She really liked Stomper so I got her Stomper (true cool-toned brown) and Timber (cool-toned slate gray).


(wrist out) Top: Timber; Bottom: Stomper

For myself, I bought an eyeshadow I’ve wanted for a really long time: Coconut! Coconut is a “bright peacock teal.”

My personal Instagram username is kayleconut so I figured I had some sort of obligation to buy it. I also just really like teals and blues and I don’t have any colors similar to this. I’m excited to use it in some eye looks!


Colourpop Coconut


Colourpop Coconut

Finally I bought a replacement for my favorite highlighter of all time, Wisp, a “golden champagne with highly reflective hues of gold duochrome.”

I got a sample size of Wisp as a free gift before it launched last year, and I’ve only barely hit a bit of pan on it, but I decided to just get a replacement now so I don’t suffer when I run out later. It’s a really nice highlighter for medium and dark skin! I don’t think I could ever use another highlighter in good conscience. It adds a bit of color and dewy glow without getting too in-your-face, and in the sunlight it transforms beautifully.


Colourpop Wisp (direct sunlight)


Colourpop Wisp (indirect sunlight)

And thus concludes my small Colourpop haul post! I’ll have more than just swatches once I take my things for a spin. This should be exciting! Stay tuned.


2 thoughts on “Colourpop Haul: Brow Stuff!

  1. behappyxxx says:

    Still need to order my colourpop stuff lol but im super glad i waited until now because im definitely getting Wisp too!


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