Colourpop Coconut


Finally getting around to editing and typing up a review for this gem of an eyeshadow – Colourpop Coconut! I’ve had my eye on it for a while but held off on buying it because I don’t use colorful eyeshadow very much. I finally caved when Colourpop announced it was retiring some things and I realized I didn’t know how much time this eyeshadow had left, so now I have it and I love it.

Coconut is a “bright peacock teal” with a pearlized finish. It can look more greenish or blueish depending on your skintone, but regardless of how the color pulls there’s a fairly obvious greenish shift when it’s exposed to sunlight.


Colourpop Coconut


Colourpop Coconut

I love the Colourpop shadows for being so pigmented and easy to blend and Coconut is no exception – it’s creamy and it applies well for a brightly-colored eyeshadow (especially a blue one) and there’s minimal fallout for all the glitter there is. The staying power is on par with the rest of the shadows I’ve tried as well, with very little (if any) creasing or fading when the day is over.


Colourpop Coconut

If it hasn’t been pretty apparent, I’m an extremely boring person as far as eye makeup preferences go. I tend to use the same three colors and try to keep it as understated as possible, but for some weird reason I’ve fallen in love with this eyeshadow! It’s a gorgeous mermaid-y color for the spring/summer season. I originally bought it to use primarily as eyeliner (which I have been doing, to be fair), but I’ve really been digging it as a primary lid color instead of an accent color.


It’s such a good eyeliner though, isn’t it? Yes. Yes it is. (Photo from Colourpop’s lookbook)

You can buy Coconut here for $5


One thought on “Colourpop Coconut

  1. Katherine Tse says:

    CP Coconut is probably my fave teal blue shadow! Come summer, I’m popping it out again. Hope they never discontinue it.


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