Colourpop Love Life Matte X

So, gee, it’s been a hot minute since I’ve bothered to sit down and write something for this blog! If you’ve been keeping up with my Instagram, you’ll know that I’ve been very active there but I haven’t had the time or drive to actually write a detailed review. But that changes today! I bring to you Colourpop Love Life ($5) in that new and exciting Matte X formula they released a few months ago. 

Love Life is a “brownish brick red” and I completely, wholeheartedly disagree with this and would like to have a word with the person who came up with that. On me (and most other people I’ve seen), it’s bright orange-based red.




The formula is a far cry from the regular matte Lippie Stix formula, or any lipstick formula I’ve used, for that matter. It glides on nicely and feels powdery on the lips, which isn’t anything I’ve ever experienced with a lipstick before. However, the powderiness does mean it’s a bit difficult to get a perfectly clean line with it, and it doesn’t help that the shape of the bullet already isn’t very conducive to precision. It’s also worth noting the Matte X formula is a lot thinner than the normal mattes, so it tends to accentuate lip lines or chappiness or basically anything weird that’s going on. In true Colourpop fashion, the Matte X Lippie Stix are lightly vanilla scented, but it doesn’t stick around once you put it on.

Once it’s all said and done, the finish you end up with is a velvety matte that looks closer to a liquid lipstick than most traditional lipsticks do. The wear isn’t as long as a liquid matte, of course, but it doesn’t slide off as easily as the normal matte Lippie Stix do. It’s not super drying, but something that’s this matte isn’t going to be hydrating or even non-drying, despite Colourpop’s claims.


Overall, I think Love Life is a nice color with a unique but surprisingly good formula, so if you don’t find normal matte lipsticks matte enough it would be worth checking the Matte X’s out. There’s been a lot of hype around new launches recently and not much around older releases, so now would be a good time to snap up some of the Matte X Lippie Stix if you’ve been eyeing them for a while.


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