OCC Authentic Lip Tar


OCC recently ran an anniversary sale where the remaining stock of the OG packaging Lip Tar was marked down to a dirt cheap $3. The original packaging has a ridiculous amount of product in it and originally costed $18 in its heyday, so this was a pretty stinkin’ good deal. I grabbed Authentic and ended up paying about $6 once shipping factored into all of it. Not bad, not bad.

Authentic is a “bronze copper frost” in a metallic finish. It comes off a bit lighter than the tube color on me. The squeeze tube Lip Tar used to be sold with brushes, but they don’t do that anymore since they’re just trying to clear out inventory, so you’ll need a brush of your own. A medium-sized brush with dense bristles and taper works pretty well for me. I find that a lot of lip brushes don’t work for me so I am prone to cleaning flat eyeshadow brushes and repurposing them! You can apply the Lip Tar on your lips and smooth it out with the brush, or you can put it on the brush to begin with, but either way you barely need any. A pea-sized amount is almost too much.




I have never used Lip Tar before, not even as a tester or anything, but I am OBSESSED. It goes on so evenly and you barely need any to get pretty even coverage. I think I did two or three tiny drops on the lip brush to get it to the opacity you see here. Note I didn’t build it to 100% opacity, because I like the effect my natural lip color has on it, but it wouldn’t have taken much more Lip Tar to get it there. There’s a slight plastic-y taste present when you’re applying it, but it goes away eventually.

Right after you apply the Lip Tar, it feels a bit sticky like a lip gloss, but after about 10-20 minutes it sets completely to something that feels sort of like a lipstick, but sort of like something else entirely. It feels kind of like vinyl and, while there still is transfer, it’s not as much as I expected from something this goopy. It sticks pretty decently through food and drink, despite the transfer, and after 3 or 4 hours it leaves a peachy-colored stain that still retains some of the metallic finish.

Overall, I’m very happy with this and I’m sad that OCC decided to ditch the squeeze tube packaging. I think the RTW packaging is fine and dandy for beginners and people who find the squeeze tubes inconvenient, but the OG packaging wastes less material, has more product, and is a lot more sanitary than lipgloss tubes. For shame, OCC, for shame.


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