Nyx Sparkle Green and Pure Gold Jumbo Pencils


Long story short, I bought a Nyx jumbo pencil in Pure Gold on impulse a few months ago and I fell in love with… well, everything about it, so I recently I bought another one in Sparkle Green to keep it company. I also happened to depot both of them shortly upon their purchase, which is why I don’t have a shot of both of them in pencil form, but that’s another story for another day. This post is for a review, and review I will. 


The Nyx jumbo pencils are supposed to be “a radiant eye liner that doubles as an eyeshadow.” I’m not sure if it’s really appropriate to call this monster of a pencil an “eyeliner” (or at least a precise one). Personally, I just see it as a cream shadow stick that you can sharpen, which is by no means a bad thing because it does the eyeshadow thing really, really well.

Pure Gold is described as “yellow-gold.” It’s gold with an extremely metallic finish that makes it look more orange in the dark and more yellow in the light.


Sparkle Green is described as “teal-green with silver glitter.” It’s really sparkly and the glitter kind of gets everywhere, but I signed up for this. Regardless, I really like this one and I’ve been looking for a green like this for a while.


Since what you’re getting is just cream eyeshadow jammed into a barrel, the jumbo pencils apply smoothly and don’t skip like your average eye pencil. They apply true-to-color right out of the tube, but they’re blendable, so it’s easy to sheer them out if you apply a small amount and move it around with a brush or your finger. When they set, they’re still a bit tacky to the touch, which is great if you intend on using them as a base for other stuff and not so great if you want to use them as a standalone product because they may crease a little. If you set them with powder this shouldn’t be too much of an issue.

I think my biggest problem with the pencil setup is that you need to buy a large-barrel pencil sharpener if you don’t already have one, and since the pencils are so creamy you’re very prone to losing some in the sharpener. Also, as I said earlier, these are not conducive to precision at all, so the more they wear down the less control you have over your application, which is awfully unfortunate when it comes to intricate eye makeup or eyeliner applications. Fortunately, you can depot them and make your life a lot easier. I’ll be posting a tutorial on this subject shortly.

I did a look with both of the pencils. I will add that the pigment works really well on the waterline and doesn’t wear off when you blink a few times.



So, overall I would definitely recommend purchasing one of these suckers if you’re looking for a cheap, reliable cream eyeshadow. If you’re like me and hate the packaging, I would depot so you can take advantage of the formula without the hassle!


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