Natural Rose Gold EOTD


This isn’t very impressive buuuuuuuuuuut I mean I haven’t posted in an obscenely long time and everyone likes natural eye makeup so here we are. And my eyebrows were really, really good today because I had like half an hour to burn doing them. Ooooooooh yeah. Look at that. I feel so Instagram-model-like right now. And my camera got really good pictures today. Today was such a good makeup day, wow. Amazing.  Continue reading


Happy 50% Off Chocolate Day!


Today is Valentine’s Day, but I like to consider it the day of chocolate sales because love is fleeting while chocolate is eternal. So here’s a look you can wear while you go to buy chocolate today or tomorrow, then you can continue looking  good while you stuff your face.  Continue reading

Happy Lunar New Year!


i haven’t really done much with eyeshadow lately, but all the LNY hype has been getting to me so I caved and did an eye look with more eyeshadows than I’ve used in the last few weeks combined. Ha. Red and gold is always a fun color combination to play with, I’ll be honest! (I know I’m a day early, but who has time to do this on weekdays anyways?)  Continue reading

Deer Makeup Tutorial


It’s almost Halloween so I decided to break out the deer makeup because… it’s almost Halloween! My favorite holiday! Anyways there aren’t very many, if any Asian deer tutorials in existence so I had to wing it the first time I did this, but I have it down pretty well now so I’m making this tutorial for any of my cervid-loving Asian friends out there. It’s gonna be a fun time. Continue reading

Maroon For Days


Pictured: me, prime supermodel material. American Apparel hire me now

I did a mostly reddish look today. I figured I’d give the lipstick-as-eyeliner thing a go using Colourpop’s Tulle and this is the oddly nice result.

This experiment taught me two things: Liquid lipstick responds surprisingly well to an eyeliner brush, and maroon eyeliner is surprisingly wearable. More pictures and a list of products under the cut. Continue reading