Colourpop Haul: Brow Stuff!


Colourpop restocked its brow products on Monday, so I took the opportunity to grab myself a few new goodies for myself and my mom! I got the order in 4 days, which is the fastest they’ve ever processed and shipped something to me, so I’m impressed. I will be reviewing my portion of the order over the next few days, but for now here are some swatches of the entire haul.  Continue reading


Sephora Birthday Gift 2016: Marc Jacobs Edition


My mom’s birthday is in January, so she was among the first to have the 2016 Sephora birthday gift bestowed upon her. There are two options: a skincare set from Fresh or a cosmetics set from Marc Jacobs. My mom already has her skincare routine together, so she walked out with the makeup. The set contains a Highliner Gel Eye Crayon in Blacquer ($25 full-sized) and a Le Marc lipstick in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang ($30 full-sized). My mom commented that I could put these on my blog. She knows me too well. Continue reading

Small Colourpop Haul


I hope you all had good New Year’s celebrations! I got my Christmas present to myself in the mail today. I’ve been trying to curb my spending on Colourpop stuff but I really, really wanted to give the gel liners a try and get a few more liquid lip colors. I’ll be reviewing these as I test them out but here are some swatches and first impressions to start!  Continue reading

Smashbox Art. Love. Color Palette Set


My mom bought this set on impulse at Ulta because she decided that she needed blush, but upon seeing the $24 price tag on Smashbox blushes (for some reason, she’s become a die-hard Smashbox loyalist lately) decided she also needed eyeshadow. This set is $50, but you get 3 palettes (and, by extension, 3 blushes) which comes out to $16 per palette, so the unit price is cheaper. She’s letting me keep one, but I got to photograph and swatch all of them for the sake of the blog. Continue reading

In-Store Swatch Time: Kat von D Studded Kiss


(L-R) Vampira, Gothica, Piaf, Mercy, Chula, Prayer; (bottom) Gold-Blooded

On Sunday I took a moment to swatch some of the KvD Studded Kiss lipsticks, or at least the colors that interested me the most. Admittedly I’m not the biggest fan of KvD the person, nor have I heard too many good things about the Studded Kiss formula (the liquid lipsticks are an entirely different story), but I mean the colors are so unique that I just HAD to see how they looked on me. Just look at all that glitter! Continue reading

Browns for Fall


Pardon the grainy photo, it was raining so the natural light was terrible and I don’t like what flash does to my pictures. I tried taking some of the grain out but alas.

So at the time of writing this I am extremely sick! Awesome! Since I was stuck at home for the entire day I wanted to do a blog post but I look like death right now so what better to do than another swatchfest? I have an extensive collection of browns so I decided to swatch my favorite brown lipsticks as well as a couple eyeshadows just so I could take up my entire forearm with makeup. Browns are truly the best neutrals and, like reds, there’s a brown for everyone! Continue reading

Colourpop Haul (Fall 2015 Liners & Shadow)


My Colourpop order came in! I ordered it as a birthday present for myself during their Labor Day sale and I got three eyeshadows, four lip pencils, one lipstick and one liquid lipstick. Most of the things I bought are from the Fall 2015 collection and the colors from the permanent line that I got are still appropriate for fall wear.

Anyone who knows me knows that I love fall and everything about it way too much and I would wear fall colors all year if it was socially acceptable to do so. Unfortunately people tend not to like dark lipstick usage during the spring and summer, so I’m taking full advantage of the back half of the year to get my fix. Continue reading