Today I’m going to torture my eyebrows with various filler products for the sake of SCIENCE! Also I thought it would be fun to look at how different brow fillers do different things, then it just kind of spiralled and turned into a “brow fillers for dummies” type thing. I’ll be talking gels, pencils, and powders – no pommade because it never appealed to me and generally seems like a giant hassle to put on. No sir. Anyways, time to throw you headfirst and fully-clothed into the deep end of browland! Continue reading


Deer Makeup Tutorial


It’s almost Halloween so I decided to break out the deer makeup because… it’s almost Halloween! My favorite holiday! Anyways there aren’t very many, if any Asian deer tutorials in existence so I had to wing it the first time I did this, but I have it down pretty well now so I’m making this tutorial for any of my cervid-loving Asian friends out there. It’s gonna be a fun time. Continue reading